About Us

EYLESVIEW Border Collies began in 2016 with the encouragement and guidance of Melinda Beckman (BECKSBEST) and Catherine Bull (IONABORDA). Based in a dairying district on the beautiful Darling Downs, we enjoy quiet and peaceful days surrounded by crops, cows and Collies.

The name EYLESVIEW gives recognition to Jane Eyles, a pioneering woman who settled in the area in approximately 1870. In the years prior to her death in 1891, Jane donated portions of land for the school, and subsequent school house, to be built on. Although the school has long since closed down and has been moved, we are currently based in the school house and are working to bring her back to her original glory.

It’s EYLESVIEW’s vision to produce quality border collies for both work and for play. It’s our aim that our pups will be equally at home in the lounge room as they are in the show ring or the cattle yards. We breed for temperament, conformation and working ability. Finding happy homes where our pups will be as loved and as valued as they are here at EYLESVIEW is important to us.

We are proud to be a member of the Canine Control Council QLD (Dogs Queensland), and we take the welfare, breeding and sale of our puppies very seriously. Being bound by the rules, regulations and Code of Ethics of the CCC means that we are not always able to meet every buyer’s requests. Please discuss this with us if you require further information.